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Prodigy// It’s A Body ft. Boogz Boogetz

On the heels of MobbDeep inking a major album deal ….. Prodigy comes out with a song that will be featured on a solo mixtape that is slated to come out sometime soon ……. I recently finished reading prodigy’s My Infamous Life …. This book was a interesting read ….speaks on his new found spirituality and thirst for knowledge …… It also speaks on all of the wild and crazy stuff that he has done throughout his life (Drinking, Smoking, Having Sex, and fighting with the likes of rappers and bouncers alike) ……. Some of the things I read seemed a bit fradulent …… At one point he says that only He (mobb deep) were the only ones who retaliated after Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound made the song and video entitled “New York New York” and during the entire East Coast vs. West Coast beef which in my opinion was extremely not tru! But then again that’s just my opinion…….None the less it is a very interesting read and you’ll should check it out if you enjoy learning about hip hop culture …..

Here is the “It’s A Body” video:

After the jump you can check out another video discussing classic artist and classic albums and also a link to purchase My Infamous Life.

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Dee-1: I’m On It ft. Shamarr Allen [[Video]]

I really like this emcee…… when I saw the video for his track “The one That Got Away” produced by Manny Fresh ….it was reminiscent of back when Lil Wayne was a up and coming artist …….This New Orleans rapper has been featured in the unsigned hype category of the XXL magazine i only one or two songs away from being noticed by a major label in my opinion……

Check out the video after the jump:

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Sean Boog – Phantom Of The Jamla/The Natural/F*ckin’ Wit Who f. Halo & Sundown [[Video Premiere]]

I have never heard of any of these guys ….but after watching this video …. Imma have to do some research cuz all of them def. went in on their verses …… I’ll post Sean Boog’s mixtape in my next post.

@POLY3ST3R// El Co [[Video Premiere]]

Son makes real chill music ….. not the best flow but still cool music none the less….. the beats are sick too by the way ….. If you don’t know about L.A.U.S.D. (Polyester and L4) get familiar real quick before Polyester’s new solo project drops later this summer.



LilB:Made a Good Track?!?!?

Here goes a video from the Based god AKA Lil B (Of SODMG and The Pack fame) ….why can’t dude do music like this more often ….. He really does talk about some real stuff on this trackj …. like the importance of Finances being taught in school especially in urban areas…cuz kids really aren’t learning that from their parents ……

Who would have thought lil b would be the one speaking on such important issues as those spoke on in this song/video….. I’m so used to him putting out stuff like this! ….

Str8 stole Juvey style lol

son says some real gay stuff in his raps yo lol

TrademarkTheSkyDiver:Supervillian [[Video Premiere]]

This dudes mixtape Issue#2: Supervillian is really dope and features from artist such as Young Roddy and Curren$y ……