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Mac Miller:Best Day Eva

Here is the follow up to Mac Millers [[K.I.D.S. mixtape]] ….. check it out …. I’ve been hearing pretty good things about it.



What a HIATUS!!! ..being a adult will do that to you..i’m back tho …..s the latest video MAC mILLERS K.I.D.S MIXTAPE

Its finally here the Mac Miller mixtape K.I.D.S …….. If you follow the blog i’ve posted a couple of his tracks and videos …. This dude is a dope MC from Pittsburgh which is most known for another up and coming artist by the name Wiz Khalifa …i’m sure you’ve heard of him lol …..but check out this fellow pittsburghian’s mixtape!

MacMiller:Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza [[Video]]

Idk who this kid really is …..but his flow shows promise yo ….and this video is really dope always liked the mob walking through the city ….wu-tang-esk video! lol