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Lil B: I Think Im BasedGod [[Video]]

All I can say is watch the video….. lol

@LilBtheBasedGod :Illusions Of Grandeur


A (.GIF)T from Lil B

Lol saw this and it made me laugh so hard … Thank you Based god! lol

LilB:Made a Good Track?!?!?

Here goes a video from the Based god AKA Lil B (Of SODMG and The Pack fame) ….why can’t dude do music like this more often ….. He really does talk about some real stuff on this trackj …. like the importance of Finances being taught in school especially in urban areas…cuz kids really aren’t learning that from their parents ……

Who would have thought lil b would be the one speaking on such important issues as those spoke on in this song/video….. I’m so used to him putting out stuff like this! ….

Str8 stole Juvey style lol

son says some real gay stuff in his raps yo lol