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LetterFromTheEditor:MF Doom Edition

MF Doom is prolly one of the most prolific artist of our time …that has gone virtually unknown by many commercial hip hop due to his dedication to stick to his roots of underground rap ….. His debut album which dropped in 1999 entitled Operation Doomsday and was filled with samples of old super hero cartoon  sandwhiches (transitional music used when changing scenes) and old school R&B tracks from people such as Sade and John Ingram  mixed in with off cuff lyrics like that of Old Dirty Bastard.

Here are several samples that Doom has used in his productions ….. they range from fat albert to samples from SpiderMan and Friends ….check it out then go and purchase or listen to MF Doom’s whole catalog.

First Post on New Blog….

Wassup people ….. so formerly I use to use blogger and that was cool ( http://www.bs-n-cranekicks.blogspot.com) I was doing that for about a year and really enjoyed it, but unfortunately as of late the interface for blogger has gotten a bit mundane and now its to the point where i can’t even post because the new post tab won’t load smh! So I was due for a change and here it is.

The BS-N-Cranekicks Project!

My blog is dedicated to urban culture. I love everything about this extraordinary culture from the music and art. I’m a big movie and music buff. So this is what my blog will be mostly about! ….. I hope you all will enjoy

Again if you wud like to see some of my previous blogging u can check that out at my former blog http://www.bs-n-cranekicks.blogspot.com