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Old Man Raps: Revisited

So this was one for of the first songs i ever blogged about its by Bambu (u can find him on Twitter @BambuDePistola ) ….. This song is still DOPE!!!

I know when i settle down and have kids this is exactly how im going to feel yo ….. lol

Check it out:

#BTW here is Bambu’s mixtape w/ DJ Muggs entitled Los Angeles, Philippines (Click Image for Download Link)


This is a dope track off of Bambu’s Paper Cut LP that dropped recently  ……check it out ….. this is a really wild video ….. I think its like this for all parents …..regardless of race or creed man! ….. Not wanting your kids to fall into the same traps u did u kno?!?

Shout out to my folks on that note…cuz with out them I know I wud be dead in a ditch somewhere 4real!