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One of the like twenty pics I took before my phone died at the OF concert @ the 9:30 club in D.C. Last night I’ll put up more tomorrow ….. The concert was so hype ….. Sid was rocking on the ones And twos and of course mellow hype, Tyler the creator aka toilet for the night, Mike G , and Domo Genesis kilt it!

Kendrick Lamar::Defines the concept behind HiiiiiiiiiiPower

@Frank_Ocean: Acura Integurl & Novacane [[Videos]

So i have only really been listening to Frank Ocean’s music for like a month now …but this dude is one of the best artist that I have heard in a long while. His unorthodox delivery and interesting subject matter definitely  revamps the mundane R&B genre where everybody is trying to sound like trey songz and use conventional ways to get their points across.  the re-release of his Nostalgia ULTRA album is slated to come out soon so keep checking on it …..


Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean// She [[Video Premiere]]

Its crazy how this video turned out to be exactly like what i thought it would be in my head when I first heard it….. from Frank Ocean playing the main love interest in the beginning to the lightning going on outside while tyler, the creator is wrapping his verse in the girls bedroom …… this is def. one of my favorite tracks from Tyler, The creators GOBLIN album that is certainly a masterpiece in its on right! ………

SirMichaelRocks:You Know The Rules ft. GLC [[Video]]

DOOM:Microwave Mayo [[Video]]

Ight so since DOOM hasn’t come out with anything in about two years and I haven’t heard anything about him working on any new projects I thought I would showcase the simplistic video of his song “Microwave Mayo” on his last album Born Like This

I think its dope that this video is shot with a action figure lol ….. Its so random but affective lol