yo its really been like two months since my last post….. life has been moving real fast …working hard at the work place leaves no time for posting on the blog… then hitting the gym after work and being dog tired by the time I hit the crib doesn’t help either….. So what I have decided is to give you one huge post a week.

So I will be compiling all the dope music, pics, and interesting topics of the week and posting them at least once a week…..

Since I have been gone from this thing we call blogging …. There has been a great ressurgence in my life of West Coast rap ….. I mean you have up and coming artist like Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy , School Boy Q , Overdoz and Case Veggies coming out with dope music.

So what I’m going to do is post a couple of these amazing artists’ work and let you’ll know what cuts are my favorite.

First up lets talk about  School Boy Q ….. and his SetBacks Mixtape that originally was being sold on iTunes for $6 then was given to us for free a few weeks later.

This is a really solid project it features all of School Boy Q’s Black Hippy cohorts [[Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul]]

The tracks you should check out: Light Years Ahead ft. Kendrick Lamar , What’s The Word ft. Jay Rock, #BETIGOTSUMWEED, Druggys Wit Hoes ft. Ab-Soul, I’m Good ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & PuncH, Birds and The Bees ft. Kendrick Lamar.

Next up is argueably the best mixtape of the year Kendrick Lamar’s (O)verly (D)edicated …..

Kendrick Lamar’s flow is so dope …. I am a stickler when it comes to the conveying of emotion through music….. When Kendrick spits I really can feel how he is feeling through the influx of his voice or the way he says a particular bar……..

Every track on the project is a banging but I won’t be cliche and say listen to all of them Ill give you four our five of my favorites.

check These tracks out: The Heart Pt. 2 ft.Dash Snow, Growing Apart ft. Jhene Aiko, Michael Jordan ft. Schoolboy Q, Average Joe and She Needs Me (RMX) ft. Dom Kennedy and MURS

The The next artist is one of my favorite artist period …. every piece of music he puts out is dope…. His flow is real smooth and elegant but you can tell  life wasn’t always about getting girls and spending money. LEIMERT PARK’s on DOM KENNEDY

Just last week DOM dropped his project #THEORGINALDOMKENNEDY

I have been listening to this project since Thursday when I downloaded it …… This is more of the quintessential Dom Kennedy that we are use to …..

Check out these tracks: Playas Punch, Goodbye, CDC ft. Casey Veggies, Turn Me Out and Designer Sh*t

Here are three other projects by West Coast artist that I have yet to actually hear all the way through but I have been hearing really good things about.

As always if you would like to download these mixtapes the album art work serves as a jump ….. click the artwork and then download…… Please if you like the music spread the word these are mixtapes and are meant to be shared so do as such!

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