So not 15 minutes after I posted the last SMH Edition …I recieved this video from one of my boyz via BBM …. I really don’t know what to say about this ….. 50 Tyson spits the worst 16 I’ve ever heard on this track ….and he looks like a fool dancing …… people have to stop hypin this dude cuz I feel like they are exploiting a guy who clearly shud be or was in special ed. self contained classes ….. Its just really starting to look bad …The dance is horrible by the way ….and Nerdy Star if your a serious artist you shud have never got on a track w/ 50 Tyson yeah he has some internet buzz but its for the wrong reasons ….so you kinda kill your lyrical ability/ rapper appeal by even being on a track with him ….. Thats like a R&B artist doing a song with Eddie Murphy ol’ non singing aSS!



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