LetterFromTheEditor: Lil Wayne gets out today!

Okay so today is the day we all have been waiting for!!! (All Sarcasm) …. D’wayne Carter is said to be released from his year and a day stint in prison. Is it just me or are there others who feel like the fabric Hip Hop will begin to deteriorate again with a over saturation of lil wayne features and subpar mixtapes that will have lame fans clammering for months to come. Young Money has suffered since the jailing of their illustrious leader….. As far as I’m concerned the only member to truly thrive has been Tyga and I guess u can say Drake did okay.

It wud be harsh for me to say that I want Lil wayne to stay in jail cuz I don’t like to see anybody taken away from their fam. But I wish he wud give it a rest for another year and allow other artist to come to the for front and thrive in music ….

Ill say it I think Lil Wayne is over rated …. And this is coming from someone who has listened to his music from the very beginning.

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