SMH!?!:B. Pumper Edition

First off let me start by saying this is such a horrible song and this type of mess needs to stop …. Son just becuz you have some form of acclaim in the porn world doesn’t mean you can slide into the music realm…… This dude is a horrible rapper …. I guess he is really trying to parley slutting Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter out into a record deal???? Go figure! …… He looks like a fake Lloyd Banks with a just hella excessive amount of jewelry on rapping about none since ….. check the video out and tell me what you think.

Like who edited this video for him…… and who styled this basic ass wardrobe ….

Did he watch this after the person edited this and think “Ooooo yeah  they going to love this on the Internet!”


Whats up with the angry face he is making while he raps ….. you can;’t make a face like that while you rapping then be dancing in the next scene! lol Isn’t that a conflict of styles lol ????

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